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About Digital Glitch IT Solutions

In 1985, My father brought home our first home computer and soon after it was setup, I took it over with games and Bulletin Board Software, tying up the phone lines all through the night.  That was the first time, I was captivated by computer.  Back then, when you had a problem, you had to try and figure it out because "Computer Techs" were not a phone call away.  This is what got me into the computer tech field.

In 2014, after working in many different capacities of the IT field, from being a computer sales guy, to computer tech up to the corporate world, I felt I was seasoned enough and knew what customers wanted for a computer repair company.  A friend of mine and co-worker and I talked about starting a company, writing down every faucet of what we could offer.  Unfortunately, I was laid off and on the way home, decided to start 910Geeks and aimed at the Wilmington, NC and surrounding market.  Granted, no real business experience, I decided to work on the outlined cities and worked my way into Wilmington.

910Geeks was a name I felt would resonate with people because of the "910" area code, but I soon found myself traveling and remote supporting companies outside of the 910 area code.  We as a company decided to rename the company, after we opened a branch location in Tennessee, hence the name Digital Glitch IT Solutions.

Digital Glitch IT Solutions, formerly 910Geeks is a Network Service Provider servicing the New Hanover, Brunswick, Columbus and Pender County businesses.  We opened a branch office located outside of the Knoxville, TN area in 2022, serving Roane, Loudon, Morgan, Anderson and Knox County businesses.

Homes, Home Offices, and Businesses can all turn to us for computer needs ranging from Computer Repairs to Network Installations, and all types of business needs in between.

Our approach allows our customers to leave all of those pesky “tech issues” to us, while they focus on life, work, and/or growing their business. Our goal is to get your desktop, laptop, or network running smoothly without a lengthy down time or future problems. By employing the best technicians and offering completely upfront pricing, our company knows we provide service you can rely on.


Digital Glitch IT Solutions has continued to grow and refine our services and our IT knowledge base. We continually offer new and exciting services to benefit your business, company, and home. We specialize in service to small and medium businesses, ranging from dental, law offices and retail stores. We like to call ourselves the “Small Business Specialists”.


If you want to work with a business that hasn’t forgotten the value of quality customer service, call us today to learn about which services would benefit you.


We can schedule a consultation to discuss your goals, current concerns, and past problems, and then make recommendations based on our knowledge and experience. We can also come and see your home or business to diagnose any existing or future issues and provide the solutions you need.

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