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Computer Support

Residential Computer and IT Services

We offer a Monthly Residential Maintenance Plan to fit your home!

We didn't start our company with having one location as an overhead expense, which I also felt would limit us to one area, so we started and have continued today working from our homes.  If we go onsite, we leave from our homes, need remote support, we do it from our homes.  We eliminated the "office" culture mainly for the expense but with Covid in 2020, it helped us grow because we didn't have foot traffic and were setup with remote and onsite support.

Working from Home?

Times have changed and more people are working from home.  Knowing that your technology must work the way you need it to is important.  When problems arise with your internet or computer, your day can turn into a nightmare.

Our technicians are a phone call away to help troubleshoot and identify problems.  We offer Onsite and a secured Remote Support tool that can help eliminate problems quickly.  That is why it is important to have a resource you can count on fast.

Again, why drag your network to a store?  


Remote Support

With Remote Support, we can help you with all of your technology issues. It’s easy! With your permission, We can remotely access your devices and solve your technology issues remotely, as long as you have internet service.
This safe, no-contact service will give you peace of mind while also ensuring that you can “get back to work”.
This service is not only time-saving and less disruptive than traditional IT support services, but it’s also cost-effective and fast. Whether you are dealing with issues with your laptop, desktop, tablet, WiFi, or something else, our IT support team is just a quick phone click away.
Onsite Support
With Onsite Support, we come to your home or apartment to solve any technology issues you may be having, because we understand that your computer needs can't wait. Our Geeks provide fast, reliable, and affordable services that will help your home network run and perform more efficiently. We can assist you with everything from printer repair to network troubleshooting to Wifi Setup to resolving Malware and Virus issues that may plague your computer.

Residential IT Support
New Computer Setup
Hardware Upgrades to your Computer
Virus and Malware Removal
Online and Local Data Backup Solutions
Wireless Networking
Printer Issues
Laptop Repairs
Home Network Solutions
TV Mounting and Installation
Smart Device Installation and Configuration  

(This is also referred to as IoT, "Internet of Things")  

Partner with an Experienced Computer Company


On-site, Remote & In-Home Computer Services seems more of the norm since Covid and users find it easier for a technician to come to their house when they are experiencing problems versus dragging their issues to a local tech company.  Digital Glitch IT Solutions is the perfection solution to your in-home computer needs.   Our technicians are professional, polite and friendly and are willing to help you with any issues you are experiencing at your home. 
We believe in convenience. That’s why we can come right to you, when your technology isn’t working as well as you need – or at all – it’s important that you get a fast, effective solution. 
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