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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling


Designing a New Office?  Moving into a new office space?  Just needing extra cables ran in your existing office?

Digital Glitch IT Solutions offers Network cabling for your office and devices.  Knowing that Network cabling is the backbone of your infrastructure is important to us and it should be for you.  

Let our team design your cabling infrastructure and protect your network investment. 

Structured cabling is the faster and more efficient way to connect your office. By having an organized design, issues and changes can be resolved quickly with less downtime. Creating a clean and organized system promotes fast connections and a tidier server room. Organization means your cabling takes up less space, doesn’t interfere with aesthetics of your space and keeps the airflow moving (which can help keep your equipment cool and safe). 

Whether your job is several hundred cables or just a handful, our technicians are focused on your technology needs. We want to make sure your network is right for your business and get you moving as quickly as possible. 
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