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Ubiquiti Network

Network Infrastructure

Easily Optimize Your Network with a Scalable Network Management Solution from

Digital Glitch IT Solutions.

More Data        More Devices        More Demands  


Every business needs a reliable computer network that delivers efficiency.

Computer Network Services that provide proper connectivity are vital for a business to be productive.  The network is under pressure. Your Network Infrastructure is the foundation of your office Computers, Servers, Printers and VOIP Phones.  To safeguard the end user experience organizations must ready their networks for the future and know their network is being managed and maintained, running at a premium level. Our approach to Network Infrastructure Solutions gives you peace of mind that your network is running optimally. Digital Glitch IT Solutions managed network services provide the tools your business needs for ongoing connectivity.  

The optimization of your network is critical, as the demands on your network continues to grow at exponential rates
  • Are you ready to cut costs and improve productivity?

  • Would your productivity improve if you could reduce downtime?

  • Would you like to discover a low-cost structure that is optimized and fits into your budget – and delivers a consistent free flow of data, producing a maximum ROI?

Digital Glitch IT Solutions Network Management Solution Can Save You Time, Money, and Increase Productivity 

  • Provide an optimal network design

  • Deliver a low-cost structure that fits your budget

  • Deliver a consistent free flow of data

  • Maximize ROI

  • A network free from interruption that includes the free flow of data and productivity

  • Ensure processes are completed within mere minutes, instead of hours or even days

  • Provide a step-by-step approach to network management that is customized around your specific needs

  • Help you achieve faster data transfers including bulk data transfers

  • Help in disaster recovery capabilities

  • Reduce bandwidth expenses

  • Improve response times for interactive applications like databases and software applications

  • Help improve the performance of applications with better bandwidth

  • Help in maximizing network speeds between remote locations

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Don’t leave your network in the dark.
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