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  • Dave Rowe

Why the Name Change?

We announced on our website and social media page that we changed our name from 910Geeks to Digital Glitch IT Solutions on January 1st, 2022. The 910Geeks name served us well when we were in the "910" area code. But as business landscapes grow, we did as well and started servicing outside of the 910 area code. Driving to other cities and counties with the 910Geek logo made some wonder what the name was about.

January 1st we broadcasted "Digital Glitch IT Solutions", which encompasses our clients areas. We still have the same Management Group, Personality winning Crew Members, and our Business Services, we stepped up a few classes.

We focus on Managed Services for our clients, not to say if a client didn't want a "hassle-free" IT Managed Plan, we wouldn't service them but we built a couple of Monthly Maintenance Plans which cover Proactive levels of security for your Business.

We also opened a branch office, West of Knoxville, Tennessee in the Roane, Morgan, Loudon area of Tennessee up to Knoxville Tennessee.

We strive to let people know, what we don't make up in looks, we make up in personality. We offer an array of services; onsite and remote, for clients needing Computer and Network Support.

Feel free to reach out to us for any questions you have, our support email is help@digitalglitch.tech.

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