Residential Support

Are you dealing with technical issues but don’t have time to visit a repair shop?

Or are you hating the fact that you have to disconnect everything and drag it to a shop?

You’re not alone! Many of our customers face the same challenges, and we’re here to help.

With Digital Glitch IT Solutions, you don’t have to worry about slow internet or printer setup. For years, we've provided in-home technical support to residential customers in New Hanover, Columbus, Brunswick, and Pender Counties. We offer a wide range of on-site tech support services to meet all your needs, from virus removal and data backup to setting up wireless networks and troubleshooting internet or printer issues.

Remote and Onsite Support

Remote Tech Support

Are you having computer problems but don’t have time to disconnect everything and bring it in? Does that thought stress you out? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Remote support might be the perfect solution for you.

Many issues can be resolved by having a technician remotely access your computer to make quick software and settings adjustments. This approach saves you downtime, eliminates frustration, helps diagnose your issue, and might save you the hassle of bringing your computer to the shop for repairs.

We proudly offer remote support as a repair solution when suitable and appropriate. Give us a call to speak with a representative who can determine if remote support is right for you and schedule your session.

Onsite Tech Support

With onsite tech support, you can effectively communicate any problems you’re experiencing. It can be challenging to describe an issue over the phone or through online chats with remote customer service representatives. However, with our in-home support, the technician can directly observe the problem, allowing them to fully understand what needs to be done to fix it. Besides Computer and Network Support, we can also setup your home network, troubleshoot Internet issues, TV Mounting, Smart Device Installation and a pocket full of other services.

Monthly IT Protection Plan for your Home

Are you worried about the safety and performance of your devices? At Digital Glitch IT Solutions, we offer premium protection plans that not only safeguard your devices but also provide expert support for all your technology needs. With over 60 years of combined experience, our local technicians are dedicated to keeping your devices secure and running smoothly.

Besides our hourly rate, we have had residential clients ask about a Monthly Maintenance Plan, like we do offer with our with our Business Clients. We have developed a plan that we can offer that would offer almost everything we offer our Business clients, that would apply and below is a list of our plans.

North Carolina Clients call us at 910-604-6373

Tennessee Clients call us at 865-224-3260

Or email us at, if you are interested in learning more!