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With a combined 30+ years of IT Experience, DigitalGlitch IT Solutions started in 2014 as 910Geeks but over the years we started to expand outside of the "910" area code.  In late 2021, we collectively decided to grow our services and rename our company to DigitalGlitch IT Solutions, offering Onsite and Remote Support for Business and Residential clients in need of IT Support and our award winning personalities!

VOIP Telephone Solutions

Let’s face it: we live in a digital world with a lot of moving parts, especially when it comes to business. You have to manage your email, voicemail, cell phone, office phone, video chat, and all of your other applications.


Managed IT Services

Office productivity and efficiency can easily stutter due to faulty IT management, decreasing profit margins and customer interest. With our Managed IT Services, you can stay connected, profitable, and productive with an optimized IT infrastructure.


Network Services

Network Services that provide proper connectivity are vital for a business to be productive.  We create the best network services that ensure thorough linkage within your business. Our expert IT professionals are experienced and understand what it takes to set up the best network for your business.

Helping you find the right services.

We turn your IT management complexity into operational simplicity

Proactive Security, Monitoring, Maintenance, Backup & Support

Securing, Maintaining and Supporting with a Personal Touch!

Managed IT Services


Cloud Backup Managed Security Solutions


Cloud Based VOIP Telephone Solutions


Network Service Provider with a shared vision.

With a managed IT system, companies no longer have to worry about data loss, IT process deployment, or business continuity. IT specialists handle these issues to keep businesses running. Managed IT solutions enable small businesses to play at the same level as enterprises without overextending themselves.



Data loss can come from many sources, both externally and internally. Hard drive or network failures, power outages, and malware are only a few factors that can contribute to a data loss disaster and cost you time and money. These unexpected events, known as black swan events, come out of nowhere—and if you’re not prepared, the devastation can be crippling for your business. In some cases, the losses are so great that they can cause a business to shut its doors forever.  The good news is that data loss is preventable with a business continuity management strategy. The bad news is that many businesses rely on outdated backup and disaster recovery solutions.



For a flat monthly fee, we’ll set up, host, and manage custom VoIP services for your business. You’ll enjoy crystal clear voice and video conferencing, eFaxing, email, and more from any internet-connected device, all unified into a single platform for seamless communication.  Combined with on-demand scalability and expert support, you can improve operational efficiency and streamline dynamic communication for better teamwork and customer service.

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