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Cloud Solutions

Solve countless problems with one of our cloud solution services.  If your business hasn’t utilized the efficiencies and security of cloud-based solutions, now may be the time. More companies than ever are taking their data to the Cloud, from comprehensive, work-from-anywhere platforms like Work-From-Home Platforms, Microsoft’s Office 365 email, to an endless array of specialized services. But these cloud programs aren’t exactly plug and play. You need a strategic IT partner to help you find the right cloud programs, integrate them with your existing systems, and handle monitoring and service.

That’s where Digital Glitch IT Solutions comes in. 

We offer an array of services using Cloud technology from:
  • Online Data Backups 
  • Work from Home Platforms
  • VOIP Cloud Based Solutions
  • VOIP Premise Based Solutions
  • Anti-Virus Monitoring
  • Remote IT Support for your Business
  • Network Monitoring Services  
Cloud Solutions
Feel Free to contact us so we can discuss your needs and plans for your business growth and security needs.
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