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IT Helpdesk Services

Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, keeping a budget with your daily business operations can be a handful and quite challenging.  While we recommend our Managed IT Services offering a full range of comprehensive IT Solutions, we understand not every business fits this model.  


Whether you need assistance with Network, Computer & Laptop issues, Virus Removal, Malware Remediation or Infrastructure issues, Digital Glitch IT Solutions is here to help you and your organization.


Helpdesk Support
Phone and Virtual Support

Come into work and finding that you can't get online?  the Wi-Fi doesn't work?  The Computer doesn't turn on?  Some times, a quick phone call to walk you certain steps to get the device to start working is all you need.  We pride ourselves on being able to articulate into Layman's terms about networks and devices.  
Onsite Support

Remote Support

Some times issues can be resolved quickly with remote support.  Fast and secure connections enable us to be able to connect in for convenience, help minimize downtime and provide service for the issue you are experiencing.  Granted, we can resolve most issues remotely, when needed, so you don't have to see us!

Onsite Support

Sometimes Onsite Support, is warranted and is recommended.  Just like our Phone Service and Remote Support services, our Customer Service shines on this support as well.  A technician will schedule a time to come out to look at your issues.  Give us a call to let us know what we can do to help you!

We can provide as much or as little service you need based on whatever IT projects you have going or even just to serve as the backup to your existing IT staff, so you don't have to worry if something goes down while they are on vacation. We can also help on some of the day to day IT tasks where an extra hand is useful but hiring another full-time staff member is too costly. 

We are here for you to provide service that makes sense and fits you and your business.  

Don’t leave your network in the dark.
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