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Needing Support? 
Feel free to send us a message with your issue or feel free to call us at  910-604-6373 or 865-224-3260

Remote Support

Most issues that arise can easily be handled remotely causing the least amount of downtime and impact to the user.  Handling issues onsite takes time as there is travel time for the technician to arrive.  By calling us we can start taking a look at your system immediately and diagnosing and resolving your issue.  With our RMM we can easily access your system in a shared session where we work with your end user to show us the issue they are having and resolve it for them.  Often times the issue can even be resolved without directly accessing the system thereby enabling your users to continue working.  This helps us reach any computer within the United States as long as they have internet connection and we can remote in.

Onsite Support

Not all issues can be handled remotely, sometimes they require physical touch such as hardware replacement or new installations.  We take the worry out of all of this for you.  Call us, Email us or Submit a ticket and we come to you to install, repair or address whatever issue you have.

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Computer IT Support
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